Convinced of the Galaxy Z Fold3's durability, popular tech-lobber from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything Zach Nelson tackled another foldable Samsung smartphone. He checked if the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is ready for the harsh everyday challenges it might face in real life.

The outside of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is protected by traditional tempered glass, which scratches just like any other modern smartphone. But inside the so-called flexible glass is used, which still does not differ in strength - even noticeable dents appear on it from the nail. The outer screen survives short contact with fire without any problems, but the coating of the inner screen simply begins to melt.

Everything is in order with the durability of the clamshell: the blogger did not manage to break the case, bending it in the opposite direction. Finally, the smartphone was sprinkled with earth mixed with small stones. However, Samsung has significantly improved the hinge in the fold compared to the previous generation, so the device managed to survive this rather severe test without any problems.